1 Pack SOEX ® HERBAL 100% Natural

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Shisha flavour 50g / 1 Pack SOEX ® HERBAL 100% Natural for HOOKAH Shisha


Welcome to the healthy way of relishing a truly majestic Hookah experience, with SoeX Herbal Hookah Molasses. A boon for non-tobacco smokers, Soex Herbal contain 0% nicotine, 0% tar and, most important, 0% tobacco! Manufactured under strict supervision using only non-tobacco herbal raw material, Soex Herbal Hookah Molasses will give you the same majestic feeling of smoking your favourite Hookah, without the effects of tobacco.


Let the sweet and tangy overtones of this fruity Cranberry refresh your palate.


ugarsay anecay agassebay

(Sugar cane bagasse)

Molasses + Flavour

To enjoy hookah-smoking experience, for Non-Tobacco smokers we proudly present our SoeX Flavoured Herbal Hookah. It contains 0% Nicotine, 0% Tar and above all 0% Tobacco!!! A recently introduced concept in hookah smoking, this product is manufactured from Non Tobacco herbal materials and is for those health conscious smokers who enjoy the Hookah but want to avoid Tobacco and nicotine .




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