Clipper super lighter gas refillable collectableemicons surprise blue

Clipper super lighter gas refillable collectableemicons surprise blue
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Clipper  super lighter

gas refillable arguably the best lighter in the world

clipper only manufacturers the same pattern once

that's why different clipper patterns are sought after world wide

because they become so collectible,  the lighter itself is very reliable 

has double the gas capacity of other lighters, true refillable

fixed flame and made to the highest quality standard.

the price is per one lighter.


fast shipping. 


Clipper's nylon tank provides double gas capacity than a low quality lighter.
Nylon plastic is much more resistant, allowing the tank to be thinner.
Resulting in:
- Electronic lighters, double the
  gas capacity of low quality lighter
- Flint lighters, triple the gas capacity
  of low quality lighter
It's a true refillable lighter: gas can be refilled and the flint can be replaced.
It costs 90% less to refill a lighter rather than buying a new one.
100% of production complies to and exceeds ISO9994. Not just on prepared samples.
Clipper lighters only contain top
quality isobutane gas. Isobutane is
much safer.
Isobutane has a lower pressure than
the gas used in low quality lighters:
- Contains propane and N-butane,
which are much more volatile.
- The resulting pressure in the tank
is much higher.
Clipper is made of nylon, a super
resistant material that won't break
or explode like low quality lighters.
Nylon is the highest performing plastic material on lighters: it's flexible, resistant to impacts and high temperatures, non-crackable and self-extinguishable.
The exclusive Clipper pre-set flame
valve avoids burning risks.
The exclusive Clipper pre-set flame valve generates a stable flame of maximum 30mm as opposed to the maximum 120mm allowed on adjustable flame lighters.
Isobutane burns cleaner than low quality lighters which have low quality and smelly butane.
By refilling and not disposing, you save lots of oil and energy.
Not disposing of a lighter means reducing waste and thus contributing to the protection of the environment.
The majority of its components are made of recycled materials.
Designed in Barcelona,
Spain, Europe, by
Flamagas S.A. since 1959
                        ABOUT CLIPPER® LIGHTERS

CLIPPER® ... much more than a lighter!


CLIPPER® LIGHTERS - Special Functions

CLIPPER® is not only a lighter - it’s an eco-friendly, multi-purpose
device. It was the world’s first refillable gas lighter: CLIPPER® is
made in Barcelona since 1972. It’s unique round shape and the
special functions made it popular in over 80 countries.
CLIPPER® is a high tech quality lighter and it is customized with the
highest printing quality.

More than 10.000 different designs have been printed over the years
and tons of new collections and limited editions are launched per-
manently.  This is why the CLIPPER® lighter is considered as highly
collectable. The largest known collections reach up to 4.000 different
Do you want to know more?


How to refill a CLIPPER® lighter

How to refill a CLIPPER® lighter

Refilling is recommended with premium butane gas.
Cans with plastic fill tip nozzles are not recommended as they may cause inconsistent ignition and performance.

Always refill in an upside down position to avoid injecting air into the lighter.

Shake the butane gas refill can a little, then press the stem of the refill can directly onto the red refill valve on the bottom of the CLIPPER® lighter.

Keep them in a straight position and let the gas go in for about
3-4 seconds.

Repeat for a shorter period if needed.

If you experience gas leakage while refilling the lighter, either you are not holding the lighter and gas can in a straight position or the stem of the gas can is not suitable for the lighter.

How to change the flint of a CLIPPER® lighter

Re-flinting a CLIPPER® lighter is easy:

Pull the metal barrel out so you can get to the flint system.
That’s the tube that contains the flint.

Then carefully unscrew the little plastic base - using a small
coin is recommended.

Pull it out slowly as the spring can flick the flint accross the room!

Remove the spring, and place your new flint in the tube.

Carefully put sprung section back in, tighten and slide back into
the lighter.

How to change the flint of a  CLIPPER® lighter
















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